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Cultural sustainability at Fogo Island

The team at Fogo Island Inn strives to provide an inclusive, place-based, and transparent boutique hotel experience. On top of its world-class hospitality, the Inn makes sure every guest experience is rooted in the hotel’s “economics of belonging” philosophy. As a non-profit, Fogo leverages its ability to provide a one-of-a-kind guest experience to preserve Fogo Island culture and local ecology by reinvesting all profit back into community programs.

At Appetite, we are excited by the Inn’s concept of Economic Nutrition, whereby every certified good or service provides consumers with detailed information on where the consumer’s money is going.

In this talk, innkeeper Rita Cobb discusses how the local relationships and connections within Fogo Island scale up and parallel those of the larger world. With the metaphor of the cauliflower as a model for responsible business, Fogo Island Inn emphasises how our actions can add up to benefit all. We at Appetite could not agree more.

You can listen to Fogo Island’s Innkeeper, Zita Cobb, discuss her work here.